Fewer relationships with better partners. That’s what the world’s biggest media-buying agency wants.

And, in this video interview with Beet.TV, a company executive lifts the lid on how the organization is redefining its relationships with publishers and their supply-side platforms in order to do so.

Max Jaffe, managing partner and programmatic practice lead at GroupM, says the company is “consolidating whom it works with.

“We’ve been focused on consolidating those relationships (with exchanges) to have more meetings, more in-depth meetings, to get greater insight to what’s going on in the landscape, having more interesting innovation conversations,” he says.

That consolidation focuses on two main areas – selecting tools and processes to find the right path to a publisher, and understanding costs involved.

That is seeing a new, sharper focus being used when it comes to selecting supply-side platforms (SSPs) to work with.

Jaffe says GroupM wants a “deeper understanding” of “how their inventory is set up and prioritized in their ad server”.

“What we can really hope or strive for is that we can build much more strategic conversations with publishers and exchanges, but make sure it’s still operationally efficient for us to actually turn those into a reality on the buy side and for our clients,” he says.

“We have a trade-off of a lot of extra inefficient work in order to get the right path to an inventory.”

This video is from a Beet.TV series titled Consolidation & The Case for Supply Chain Innovation, presented by PubMatic.   For more videos, please visit this page.