Three years after the ad “transparency” outcry exploded in media land, it seems like many of the issues have settled down, that solutions have partly been implemented.

But transparency issues still remain on the publisher side of the industry, according to this agency executive.

“As programmatic has evolved, there has been tremendous inconsistency in how (ad) supply is delivered,” says Sean Muzzy, IPG’s Cadreon North America president, in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“The big opportunity there is to create more visibility for buyers and sellers, so that they know what’s fair price. When we’re trying to drive performance for clients … you need to have complete visibility of the supply chain.”

When the transparency outcry first rose to prominence, it was because some agencies stood accused of withholding clients’ media spend because they had struck discounted rates with publishers and failed to disclose them.

Muzzy said both the buy and sell sides are now beginning to use the same language and that consolidation is helping buyers to be able to hold open conversations with their suppliers.

This video is from a Beet.TV series titled Consolidation & The Case for Supply Chain Innovation, presented by PubMatic.   For more videos, please visit this page.