After several years of hand-wringing over advertising concerns like fraud, viewability and brand safety, it is only to be expected that the digital ad world ponders its next big hurdle.

For Jordan Linville, that means understanding the true nature of the outlets where people are really spending their media time.

“I’d say the biggest challenge I see now is actually understanding the attention of a user,” says Linville, PubMatic head of agency, in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“We’ve got a lot of sites that are essentially out there … arbitrage by cheap clicks. (They) show as many ad impressions as possible. And sometimes they look good on a performance basis, but they’re not really giving a brand lift. They’re not really driving value.

“The next step is then understanding where are users spending their time and their attention, and where can we really drive value there. Because today it’s just all kind of looked at equally.”

Linville says, in the last two years, agencies and advertisers directly have reached out to PubMatic and other SSPs to better understand supply.

This video is from a Beet.TV series titled Consolidation & The Case for Supply Chain Innovation, presented by PubMatic.   For more videos, please visit this page.