Ad-buying agencies are keenly watching the supply-side digital ad tech platform to examine how M&A and competitive pressures affect where they should place their money.

On this video interview with Beet.TV, Rahil Berani, Digitas North America VP programmatic, says his agency is having to respond to the changing dynamic by cutting the number of supply-side platforms (SSPs) it works with.

“With the obvious continued growth and evolution happening on the supply side, one of the things that’s become apparent is that multiple partners and players are kind of becoming duplicative in what they’re doing.

“So really now the agency side is starting to figure out, ‘Okay, who are the right partners in working towards getting the right inventory source and solutions for our advertisers?’. And what that comes with is this need to consolidate and make sure you’re not duplicating your efforts, and ultimately betting against yourself out in the marketplace.

“What that leads to is finding the right partners. Really, where are you getting most of that premium inventory source that you’re looking for? So that generally gives us an opportunity to find where to trim the fat.”

The shifting sands been Berani is trying to avoid a an ecosystem where the same kind of players rise to the top because they have a stranglehold on both the supply and demand sides, pricing-out competitors.

This video is from a Beet.TV series titled Consolidation & The Case for Supply Chain Innovation, presented by PubMatic.   For more videos, please visit this page.