Reduce Exchanges To Boost Transparency: Jounce’s Kane

Marketers should radically reduce the number of ad exchanges they transact with in order to achieve a double transparency win. So says the founder of a programmatic ad consultancy that claims to have the “little black book” on ad-tech. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Chris Kane, founder of Jounce Media, talks about the new […]


Supply Path Optimization Gives Control Back To Buyers: PubMatic’s Dozeman

Supply-path optimization (SPO) technology may have been in the advertising marketplace for a couple of years now – but recent advances have evolved the offering, as buyers have widened their definition of path optimization. That is according to a technology executive who has been watching the rise of SPO. “As publishers started working with multiple […]


How GroupM Is Consolidating Supply-Side Partners: Max Jaffe explains

Fewer relationships with better partners. That’s what the world’s biggest media-buying agency wants. And, in this video interview with Beet.TV, a company executive lifts the lid on how the organization is redefining its relationships with publishers and their supply-side platforms in order to do so. Max Jaffe, managing partner and programmatic practice lead at GroupM, […]


Optimized Supply, Fewer Exchanges: Goodway’s Martin Seeks Consolidation & Control

Media-buying agencies want to have greater control over how they transact, with fewer links in the chain. That is certainly the case for Jenkintown, PA-based Goodway Group. The company’s origins go back a century, to the day a 14-year-old errand boy decided to learn the printing trade. Today, it operates a programmatic buying service and […]


Death Of The Cookie & New Regulation Will Change Advertising: Merkle’s Kintner

GDPR may have been just the start. The new European data protection regulation caused shockwaves last year when it forced stringent new consent limitations on how companies gather and use audience data. But a collection of new developments promises to mean ad land must continue to respond and evolve to the changing privacy landscape. That […]


Next-Level Supply Optimization: Magna Global’s Fitzpatrick

These days, media-buying agencies don’t want to accept cookie-cutting technical solutions. After years in which they felt at the mercy of software platforms, more are now exerting more control than ever over how they find and buy ad inventory. Case in point – Magna Global sets stringent requirements for the supply-side platforms (SSPs) it works […]


After Transparency, Attention Needs Addressing: PubMatic’s Linville

After several years of hand-wringing over advertising concerns like fraud, viewability and brand safety, it is only to be expected that the digital ad world ponders its next big hurdle. For Jordan Linville, that means understanding the true nature of the outlets where people are really spending their media time. “I’d say the biggest challenge […]


Digitas’ Berani ‘Trims The Fat’ On ‘Duplicative’ SSPs

Ad-buying agencies are keenly watching the supply-side digital ad tech platform to examine how M&A and competitive pressures affect where they should place their money. On this video interview with Beet.TV, Rahil Berani, Digitas North America VP programmatic, says his agency is having to respond to the changing dynamic by cutting the number of supply-side […]


Supply Transparency Challenges Remain: Cadreon’s Muzzy

Three years after the ad “transparency” outcry exploded in media land, it seems like many of the issues have settled down, that solutions have partly been implemented. But transparency issues still remain on the publisher side of the industry, according to this agency executive. “As programmatic has evolved, there has been tremendous inconsistency in how […]


360i’s Porter On M&A And The Push For Programmatic-Guaranteed

The heady days of programmatic explosion may have cooled off a little, but that doesn’t mean ad-tech M&A is over by a long way. Noah Porter would welcome it – though the media agency executive would also do so cautiously. “There are lots of players in this space and it can be very complex to […]


Programmatic Video Heading To Unified Auction: OMG’s Hovaness

What started as a way for publishers to sell their video ad space more easily quickly became a series of disconnected islands. “Header bidding” technology sought to solve  all that – eliminating the “waterfall” through which publishers would entertain ad bids from different demand platforms sequentially, thus allowing them to entertain maximum prices in a […]


Horizon Media’s Capelan Wants More Premium From SSPs

Can you combine the open programmatic landscape with the most premium ad inventory around? When it first reared its head, the automated ad trading model was more commonly thought of as a way to sell unsold inventory. Now that has changed, with new technologies offering ad buyers the ability to sell automatically from a smaller […]


Magna Global Will Bypass Some Ad Exchanges: Paolozzi

IPG Mediabrands’ media arm has been through the rise of programmatic ad exchanges and the emergence of private marketplaces which give enhanced control. Now it wants to bypass some ad exchanges and deal directly with publishers. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Vin Paolozzi, Magna Global EVP innovation, explains that the unit needs to reduce […]