Local cable operators are able to turn around declining TV ad spending when they add technology which demonstrates how TV ads drive outcomes like website visits.

That is according to one executive who is seeing advertisers double their TV ad spending as a result.

“For as long as we started this company, people have been talking about TV media dollars going away, declining,” says Jo Kinsella, TVSquared chief revenue officer, in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“Actually, what we’ve seen is, especially in local, where we’re really able to line up the local inventory, people are saying, ‘Wait. Now I can prove that this works. Now I can see that actually this inventory is driving engagement for my advertiser. I’m going to give these guys some more money’.”

The opportunity is opening up because cable operators are making more inventory addressable to advertisers – not just the two minutes per hour historically given over, but all of the available time – and because more of that advertising can be delivered direct to devices, rather than through the cable operators.

That lightbulb moment happens because of technology from the likes of TVSquared, which helps brands learn how TV advertising is driving traffic to their websites.

TVSquared research recently found that 50% to 70% of all performance outcomes for direct-to-consumer brands’ TV ads occurred on mobile devices.

“We’ve had car dealers that potentially only spend $20,000 a month now spending $40,000 a month, because they’ve been able to prove (effectiveness),” Kinsella adds. “They’re like, ‘Oh. Okay. Well, I’ll give you more money to spend’.”

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