Internet-connected television devices are giving marketers the ability to precision-target ads to individual households.

But the “addressable” TV advertising opportunity doesn’t have to start and end simply with an all-targeting approach to a TV campaign.

Some marketers are using the new-wave of addressability features to support an old-fashioned linear TV ad campaign, too.

That is according to an exec whose company is helping them use connected TV in a spectrum of ways.

“Connected TV is for all brands,” says Aleck Schleider, Amobee SVP client and data strategy, in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“We use a lot of connected television to help brands compliment their TV campaign. Addressable TV doesn’t mean (advertisers) have to reach only homes based on a certain (targeting) attribute – it also can mean (they) want to reach individuals who were not exposed to my linear TV campaign.”

Amobee, whose TV initiatives took off thanks to its earlier acquisition of Videology Group, helps advertisers buy and sell across 30-second connected TV and other video inventory.

“It doesn’t always have to be about the application of an attribute to think about addressability,” Schleider continues. “It could be geotargeting … these broadcasters who have all these supplies … can start thinking about taking some local regional budgets. It could be about driving incremental reach.

“We work with many brands who are using CTV (connected TV) to drive incremental reach because they’re not getting it on television.”

The early throes of addressable TV ad trading have involved the emergence of real-time bidded inventory. But Schleider acknowledges the TV industry, even premium connected TV, will continue to rely on upfront ad sales.

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