Coming in to view, the new world of using audience data to precision-target connected TV advertisements depends on a solid understanding of who those consumers really are.

But do marketers have what they need to succeed in this new world?

“Identity is really at the center of data-driven TV,” says Jason Manningham, General Manager of FreeWheel’s Blockgraph, in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“If you think about the ability for a marketer to reach an audience across different distribution points in an increasingly fragmented environment, identity and being able to understand that audience across those different devices and distributors is the foundation.”

Blockgraph is video ad-tech firm FreeWheel’s new industry initiative focused on creating a more secure way to use data and share information. It is designed to become the “identity layer” for the TV industry, providing a platform on which media companies and publishers can offer marketers data capabilities without disclosing identifiable user data to third parties.

For a new white paper on the topic, Blockgraph has uncovered emerging trends.

For instance, the survey found that marketers imagine a growing proportion of their TV spend will be data-enabled, but 36% of marketers feel that identity resolution is one of the top three barriers preventing them from using data to build TV advertising segments.

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