A marketing industry which has traditionally measured proxy metrics that came prior to a hard-to-see eventual purchase now needs to change to consider the end goal as its prime destination.

That is according to one man whose primary medium has not always been considered adept at measuring through to actual consumer purchase – but, for Dan Riess, TV is learning new tricks.

“(Marketers’) job is now a lot more focused as a marketer on the end business result … as well as the actual campaign brand lift performance that we’re used to,” says Dan Riess, WarnerMedia EVP, Turner Ignite, in this video interview with Beet.TV

“A lot more of the work we do with our partners is around measuring the end business outcome. There’s a small handful of deals and partnerships that we do which are actually where we’re guaranteeing that business outcome.”

Many publishers these days are beginning to price ads based on outcomes – say, purchase or store visitation – that they know for sure are discoverable.

That is because, in the world of multi-channel digital signals, consumers are leaving breadcrumb trails across everything they do. Smart technology can link those breadcrumbs through to their end point – and trace back to an originator that may have led the cause to some effect.

For Riess, the secret sauce is AT&T. The former telco infrastructure company, after acquiring WarnerMedia incorporating Turner, is now a media power house with several TV networks, a mobile network and, in AppNexus, ad-tech infrastructure under its belt.

Furthermore, AT&T’s Xandr unit, dedicated to facilitating advanced TV ads, is driving offerings across the group.

“The way we do that is increasingly through the data we have with AT&T,” Riess adds. “Obviously our corporate owner who can measure a lot of things about audience behavior and purchase. They are the ones who collect the AT&T data set for advertising use and help us access it.

“We also use third parties in certain cases depending on the category and what the client is trying to learn.”

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