In the marketing world, omni-channel – the ability to reach a consumer across one or many of a range of different media, but only the right media at the right time – is gathering steam.

But knowing which channel to use and when is a thorny problem that must be solved before a marketer can really perform omni-channel effectively.

According to Greg Anderson, MD of WPP-owned outcome-based media tech company Xaxis, that means two software processes must improve.

“I would say the two are probably most around measurement and planning,” he says in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“I think, in order for people to really adopt omnichannel solutions, they need to understand that there’s a metric they can gauge it against (to answer) ‘is this really working?, ‘why am I investing into these channels or this type of approach?’

“For any type of new or emerging channel to be adopted, measurement is at the foundation of that. I think then that ties right back into planning, and how can we take that common metric, how can we take that measurement and use it as a way to start planning and buying across new types of opportunities that they’re looking to go to market with?”

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