LAS VEGAS — It is the edgy, indie lifestyle-news zine that became an 800lb gorilla – Vice has blown up.

Now the publisher wants to help brands reach a young audience that it knows is increasingly skeptical of being marketed to.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Vice Media international and global chief revenue officer Dominique Delport lays out the scale now on offer to Vice ad buyers.

“Every day we produce 1,500 video, pieces of content in 25 languages,” he says. “We have 900 content producer in 35 countries, 500 editing suites, it’s a huge content machine.

“This generation are the bullshit flamethrower. We have 36 million of them on Snap. Every brand wanted to go deep in that kind of gen-Z insight and I think that we have probably the biggest library of survey and 35,000 people we interview every day.”

Founded 24 years ago, Vice has long since expanded from being a magazine and website. Now it offers its Viceland TV channel; operates,,,, and Broadly, and it just set up a live experience division.

The outfit just signed a distribution deal bringing much of its video content to Hulu’s platform in Japan.

After video-on-demand, though, Vice is turning page a page to linear.

“Live on TV is back,” Delport adds, hinting at upcoming plans for a live TV show from Vice.

“Everything started with the insight from that generation. They want and expect it. They want to be surprised. If you want them to watch something for two hours, it needs to be very different and not pre-tape or pre-produced, because they can watch that any time.

“And so February 25th, we will have the first show at 9:00PM, 11:00PM, and huge possibility for brand integration.”

This video is part of Beet.TV coverage of CES 2019. The series is sponsored by NBCUniversal. For more coverage, please visit this page.