LAS VEGAS — The uber model for marketing strategy has been that of a funnel, through which a mass audience’s interest gets ignited by awareness-raising branding ads, eventually leading down to performance outcomes like sales.

But new digital platforms are collapsing the marketing funnel as we witness the emergence of ad units which tick both boxes.

That is the view of Twitter’s VP of global client services Sarah Personette, who says brands can have the best of both.

“We’re seeing this migration from a siloed world of ‘performance’ on one side and ‘branding’ on the other … to a collapsing of a world that’s really focused on performance branding,” she says in this video interview with Beet.TV.

That’s how it looks from where Personette sits. Twitter says it can help drive both branding and performance goals.

“A lot of our ad solutions actually allow you to, in one unit, experience the storytelling power of video from advertisers, and then actually drive down to understand more about that product, be able to buy that product directly, or be directed to a site where you’re able to do some sort of direct-to-consumer buy,” Personette adds.

She tells Beet.TV Twitter has made over 950 content deals with publishers around the world over the last year, and explains that the platform’s modus operandi is helping brands connect to conversations that “move at the speed of culture”.

For its latest quarter, Q3 last year, Twitter reported advertising revenue of $650 million (up 29% year-over-year), whilst  ad engagements increased 50% year-over-year and cost per engagement (CPE) decreased 14% year-over-year.

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