LAS VEGAS—If there’s one thing that unites media owners, ad-tech providers and advertisers it’s the value of understanding audiences. “They’re trying to find the customer too so we can join that up,” says Tim Spengler, the President of Dentsu Aegis Network’s M1 US. “So they’re very much aligned because they know that’s what we’re looking for is better precision around audiences.”

Since gaining, keeping and growing customers involve different phases, being able to discern them leads to knowing what messaging to deliver across platforms. “Linking those two things up we think is the next phase of where the business is going,” Spengler opines in this interview with Beet.TV at CES 2019. “It’s data, but then you have to know what to say and it’s creativity.”

Powering much of this progress within Dentsu is the M1 platform developed by the Merkle agency prior to its acquisition by Dentsu in 2016. M1 now has an identity graph that comprises 95% of U.S. adults by way of personally identifiable information codes, according to Spengler.

“That gives us a tremendous ability to work with our clients to identify true targets based on all the data they would want to know about somebody,” and then to figure out “how to connect them at various end points so we can actually speak to those exact people. So it’s making media more precise and more powerful.”

Part of the process is connecting audiences with media owners. “The conversation we’re having is about audiences, it’s less about GRP’s,” Spengler says. “It’s about content and environment, because content and context will always be important. We’re coming together on that.”

Understanding the differences among audiences goes hand in hand with being able to determine how specific targets are consuming media, according to Spengler.

“You’ve got five different devices. Am I going to waste money and talk to you five different times when I only want to talk to you once? So you’ve got to really understand who you are and what device you’re on so we’re not wasting the money.”

Asked about the value that media agencies need to provide, Spengler says “It’s very complex. It used to be strategy and save me money.” Now its data, technology and creativity working together.

“It’s higher level work but that’s what our clients need and that’s what we’re trying to build ourselves to be able to deliver.”

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