‘New Home For Vice News’ Coming Soon: Vice’s Delport

There must be something about the air in Cannes that brings out a certain positivity. Vice Media arrived at the Cannes Lions advertising gathering in June with HBO having cancelled Vice News Tonight and Disney having written off its investment in the company. But, speaking with Beet.TV, the outfit’s international and global chief revenue officer […]


Brand Safety Tools Are Censoring News: Vice’s Delport

Over the last year, several news or so-called news sites have found their way on to the blacklists which some ad buyers and platforms use. Some media agency executives told Digiday they had blocked hundreds of news sites. We have also seen publishers like BBC News, News Corp, The Economist and now Vice Media protest that there is nothing bad about […]


‘Live TV Is Back’ & Vice By The Numbers: Vice Media’s Delport

LAS VEGAS — It is the edgy, indie lifestyle-news zine that became an 800lb gorilla – Vice has blown up. Now the publisher wants to help brands reach a young audience that it knows is increasingly skeptical of being marketed to. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Vice Media international and global chief revenue officer […]


VICE Media’s Delport Accuses DSPs Of Censoring Brand-Safe News

COLOGNE — VICE Media has rarely been afraid to pull its punches, always keen to make waves with news from the margins. But how can a company that wants to be ad-funded keep ad-buying brands happy amid all the controversy and harshness of real life? In this video interview with Beet.TV, VICE Media international and […]


VICE Media “Everywhere” Unifies Advertising Buys Across All Platforms

COLOGNE – With its global programming footprint projected to reach more than 80 territories by year’s end, VICE Media today announced VICE Video Everywhere to make buying its advertising easier across mobile, digital and linear platforms. “The market is crying for more video. There is a huge shortage on that market,” says Dominique Delport, who […]


Because DSP’s Aren’t Neutral, Havas Built Its Own Transparent Tower: Global MD Dominique Delport

COLOGNE – As the number of ad tech providers ballooned from 350 in 2012 to 3,500 in 2016, so did advertiser concerns about digital media transparency. “It became so complex and messy that we needed to push the envelope,” says Dominique Delport, Global MD of Havas Group. To provide more clarity and faith in the […]


Havas’ Dominique Delport “We have a unique opportunity with AI”

CANNES — At the latest assembly of the world’s largest festival for creative marketing, the hottest topic up for discussion was… artificial intelligence? It may seem incongruous, but, as executives in industries the world over scramble to assess the benefits promised by AI, advertising decision-makers are amongst those getting excited. “At the agency level, we […]


Global Telcos Up The Ante On Advertising And Content: Havas’ Delport

BARCELONA – Having watched as Facebook and Google became “a real duopoly” in the mobile marketing space, telecommunications companies around the world are locked in an arms race to produce content and reap advertising revenue. “Telcos are just understanding that they sit on a huge data lake with first-party data that has incredible value, especially […]


Havas ‘Wakes Up’ To Ad Blocking With Hope For Product Placement

CANNES — The advertising industry is in a kind of crisis. Around the world, repeat surveys indicating high and growing use of ad blocking software are spooking the media industry. Marketing agency Havas Media Group is amongst those wary of the new reality. “Advertising is less and less acceptable for many consumers,” Havas Media Group global MD […]


Havas Synchs with Universal Music For Marketing ROI, Dominique Delport explains

LAS VEGAS — Time was, artists rejected the overtures of marketers. In a little-known example, R.E.M. once rejected Microsoft’s lucrative request to use “It’s The End Of The World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” in its Windows 95 TV commercial, leaving that honour to The Rolling Stones. In these days of cashflow uncertainty, however, […]


Tech Compels Marketers To Change: Havas’ Delport

LAS VEGAS — CES no longer attracts just geeks and tech journalists. This year, swarms of ad agency and ad-tech delegates are in Las Vegas to soak up what’s next in gadgets and software. Speaking from there, Havas Media Group global MD Dominique Delport concludes: “Every marketer should become a user experience designer. We are now living […]


Video and Mobile Primed for Media Disruption, Havas’ Dominique Delport

CANNES — Video will become ubiquitous and will disrupt many aspects of the media landscape, says Dominique Delport, Global Managing Director of Havas Media Group, in this interview with Beet.TV about the future of video advertising. Consumers are engaging with video on nearly every platform and service across most digital devices, he says. From Vine to Instagram to YouTube […]


Havas Embraces Wave of Big Marketer Media Reviews

CANNES —  As advertisers analyze the effectiveness of their media spends, many are also asking if they are with the right agency. “Many CPG advertisers are all looking at an increase in the digital mix and global media mix and are checking and validating the TV dollars to see if they’re still working as well […]


Havas Media Chief Delport on the Rise of Programmatic Buying

CANNES – With the explosion from a finite to an essentially infinite inventory of content, agencies and advertisers have been faced with the challenge of learning how to manage it. The answer is found in mathematics, says Dominique Delport, global managing director for Havas Media Group and chairman and CEO of Havas Media France. The use […]