SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico—To independent video supply-side platform Beachfront Media, it’s all about technology and transparency. “We look at the SSP as something that needs to be sort of independent of both the media company and advertisers,” says president and founder Frank Sinton.

Beachfront tries to get “as close as possible” to audience and content on behalf of its publisher clients, he adds in this interview at last month’s Beet Retreat 2018.

“Everything around our SSP is working on behalf of the publisher and how close we work with the publisher to expose some of that data around the actual video content and what’s happening with the audience to the advertiser to make it relevant,” Sinton adds. “Not just audience relevance but contextual relevance and making sure the content is brand safe and things of that nature.”

On the television side, Beachfront is working with a variety of connected-TV partners at various tiers of the food chain, along with desktop and mobile. “Someone could be watching a piece of content on a connected TV and finish it on a tablet. We want to be able to connect those dots for the advertiser,” Sinton says.

“Right now of course, the big thing everyone is going towards is how do we create more addressable TV. When I say addressable TV I really mean how to create TV that basically has all the things in digital around targeting and be able to deliver on a big screen.”

With regard to video and video content, “We want to make it programmatic and as real time as possible.”

Given that it can take three to five days to traffic a campaign to linear TV, Beachfront would like to reduce that to three to five minutes. Its goal is to “create a much more real-time, biddable environment for this super premium TV audience. That’s the next big phase I think we’re going through over the next three to five years,” says Sinton.

This video was produced in San Juan, Puerto Rico at the Beet.TV executive retreat. Please find more videos from the series on this page. The Beet Retreat was presented by NCC along with Amobee, Dish Media, Oath and Google.