Beachfront Aims To Make Premium Video ‘As Real-Time As Possible’

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico—To independent video supply-side platform Beachfront Media, it’s all about technology and transparency. “We look at the SSP as something that needs to be sort of independent of both the media company and advertisers,” says president and founder Frank Sinton. Beachfront tries to get “as close as possible” to audience and content […]


Beachfront Rolls Out New Tools to Drive YouTube Engagement

Video technology firm Beachfront Media rolled out a new version of its platform with a social layer built in to encourage more interaction and easier monetization of video, says Frank Sinton, CEO and Founder of Beachfront Media in an interview with Beet.TV at the recent VideoNuze event in New York. Designed as a mobile-first social video platform, the […]