When the marketing chief of the world’s biggest advertiser gives a clear directive, the industry listens and conversations begin.

At Cannes Lions, P&G’s Marc Pritchard, who has spearheaded several high impact initiatives, implored the media and advertising  industries to embrace racial diversity.  He stressed diversity as both the right thing to do, and as a crucial business imperative.

After he spoke to several hundred at the Cannes in Color event, we sat down with Alvin Bowles, VP of Facebook and head of  global publisher sales and operations, to unpack the importance of Pritchard’s message.

In our interview, he addresses  the challenges and opportunities in making changes.  Identifying himself as one of the few Facebook VP’s of color, he spoke about the importance of encouraging young people to join tech companies, including those without computer backgrounds.

Bowles is a board member of I.D.E.A Initiative, the group that organized Cannes in Color program.

This video is part a series of interviews with members of the I.D.E.A. Initiative produced at Cannes Lions 2018, at the Cannes in Color event hosted by Spotify and P&G.  This series is sponsored by true[X].  Please find more segments on this page.