P&G endured considerable pushback for its video advertising series the Talk, a series of vignettes of African American parents speaking to their young children about growing up in a racial biased society.   Difficult as it was, it was necessary to 0pen a dialogue, Marc Pritchard,  P&G’s marketing chief, told the Cannes in Color session at Cannes Lions last month.

After the session, we sat down with Spotify’s Danielle Lee who reflected on Pritchard’s commitment to advocacy in the face of controversy.  Lee is Global Head of Partner Solutions.   Spotify c0-hosted the Cannes in Colors event at the Spotify beach complex at Cannes.

Lee is a board member of I.D.E.A Initiative, the group that organized Cannes in Color program.  In this interview, she explains a key goal of the I.D.E.A. group to is place woman and people of color in C-suite and board positions in media, technology and advertising companies.

This video is part a series of interviews with members of the I.D.E.A. Initiative produced at Cannes Lions 2018, at the Cannes in Color event hosted by Spotify and P&G.  This series is sponsored by true[X].  Please find more segments on this page.