After programmatic ad-trading technologies have begun facilitating so much of the digital display advertising online, and have made in-roads to channels like online radio, some voices have started to wonder whether programmatic could, one day, power all media – online and off.

For one publisher, that day may already have come.

According to Conde Nast programmatic VP Evan Adlman, the company is already able to transact every medium programmatically.

“With a lot of the integrations that we’ve done over the last two years, and a majority, if not all, of our non-digital products being able to be transacted programmatically, you could say all of our inventory can be pushed through programmatic,” he says in this video interview with Beet.TV.

That milestone is significant for a publisher whose magazine ads, for example, are typically lush, visual and high-touch pages – the kinds of assets traditionally bought and sold by sales staff.

But Adlman isn’t stopping there. In the year ahead, he wants to go even farther.

“We want to what we’re calling ‘programmaticize’ every unit that we can across our portfolio of products,” he adds.

“We’re seeing a large interest in the advertisers that we work with looking to transact programmatically. It delivers them efficiencies, it delivers them the ability to scale their budgets in ways that they can on typical I/O based buys that they do.

“For us, we’re very much about making sure we can make as many, if not all, of our products available to our clients in the year 2018.”