It has only been around for about two years – but, already, header bidding, the technology which allows publishers to entertain bids from multiple ad buying sources simultaneously to achieve higher yield, is changing fast.

Quickly cornering segments of the display market, now header bidding is ready to thread its way in to richer ad formats, says one vendor.

This September, Rubicon Project, PubMatic and AppNexus launched, an open-source version of the client-side Javascript “wrappers” on which header bidding depends.

On top of that, PubMatic has built its own OpenWrap, an open-source layer for the enterprise.

“The idea is to get collaboration from publishers to help have them contribute what they need their pain points, their engineering resources and really grow this as an industry standard to serve the community,” explains PubMatic product marketing director Kelvin Pichardo in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“Rather than a proprietary solution that’s really looking to serve the interest of like one vendor.

“What’s that’s going to allow is for the technology to progress in a way that allows other formats, which haven’t been as pervasive with header bidding, such as in-app and video to provide them that technology and provide them that avenue, so that those publishers and those developers can start exploring header bidding.”

Pichardo says header bidding takes explaining to customers and is constantly changing, even in its first two years of availability.

“In the next 12 months, everybody’s going to start to coalesce around a shared set of best practices and a code of conduct that will allow for header bidding to happen on an equal and level playing field,” he says.