For such a young concept, header bidding, the technology which now allows publishers to entertain bids from multiple demand sources simultaneously to achieve higher yield, seems to already have enjoyed a long and fulsome life.

From beginning as a technology which required execution on the client side, now there are also many server-to-server header executions.

And Intermarkets, one ad-tech vendor, is exploiting the opportunity to have both at the same time.

“We’ve actually worked through a number of different sort of iterations and integrations, if you will,”says Erik Requidan, sales and programmatic strategy VP and Intermarkets.

“We started some of our first header bidding integrations in late summer of 2012 and, as we introduced more partners, we actually built one of our first proprietary wrappers. We then moved on to some open-source, pre-bid configurations. That has been fantastic – (they) worked great.

“And then, now, we started moving towards a different sort of set up – really, a hybrid, if you will, of having both a sort of server-to-server and also a traditional sort of integration with our header partners.”

Requidan says header bidding sees publishers making it easier for buyers to bid on advertising. For buyers, it has also allowed them to see all available inventory sooner, he says.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, he says he sees ad-tech consolidation continuing. But, while consolidation is happening, it won’t lessen the diversity of the overall sector, and it will help more clearly define who does what, Requidan says.