LAS VEGAS — The 4K content being showed off on TVs at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is going to come in much larger file sizes than plain old HD video. Fortunately, the new wave in super-sharp TV fare can be shrunk back down to size.

“With the picture being four times the resolution, you’d think that would take up four times the bandwidth and make it very difficult for the broadcasters to send it to you,” Rovi’s product management director Hans Baumgartner tells Beet.TV.

“But, using a new encoding standard called HEVC, we’re able to compress that picture in to about the same size as a current HDTV broadcast.”

Rovi’s DivX standard began offering HEVC-compressed production and playback in 2013. During CES, Rovi announced Sharp would use this capability in its next line of Aquos TVs and Blu-ray players.