LAS VEGAS — Much has been said about the looming showdown over software dominance to run video on the Web between Adobe's Flash and HTML5, an "open source" solution which is gaining traction.  HTML5 is one of the emerging standards for the iPad and iPhone which don't use Flash.

How does the rise in development around HTML5 impact Adobe?  Just fine, says Chief Strategist for Creative Solutions Mark Randall who notes that Adobe fully supports the emerging open standard.  Much of the authoring tools for HTML5 are sold by Adobe, so there is an upside for the company, he notes in the interview.

It is the authoring tools and Flash servers which provide revenue to the company  in the online video space.  The client players are universally free downloads.

Daisy caught up with Mark at NAB last week.  This is our second interview with him, you can find our first here.

Well, Maybe Not……

Update 4.21:  Things may have changed.  Reports are out saying that Apple won't accept content for its device authored with various tools, including Adobe's CS5.  More on this from CNET.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer