Break Media has partnered with a number of top brands geared toward 18-34-year-old males, according to SVP of Sales & Partnerships Andrew Budkofsky. Its recently launched web series sponsored by Twix and Dos Equis, and has upcoming campaigns for Doritos and Denny’s.

The Dos Equis six-episode web series "Behind Interesting" features "The Most Interesting Man
in the World" from the brand’s TV spots, and the four-episode Twix
series, "World Office Sports", focuses on office workers who "Need a Moment" during their day.

Budkofsky says branded content is more effective for their audience than ads, which can turn viewers off. "If you can create a good quality, funny piece, they love it, and whether it’s produced in partnership with a brand or on its own, either way they’re happy to keep getting that quality content," he says. 

The Break Media network includes 75 properties and reaches over 50 million viewers worldwide.

Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer