JumpTV, the Toronto-based company, provides live streams of some 300 ethnic television shows from 75 nations. Expats, immigrants and foreign language speakers subscribe to the programming which is delivered to the PC. It is also a huge distributor of online sports streaming, providing some 200 sports programs from 30 nations.

With this extraordinary demand for bandwidth, the company has invested $50 million in a proprietary content delivery network (CDN).

CEO Scott Paterson was in New York recently where he spoke with my colleague Mary Kathleen Flynn of The Deal’s Tech Confidential. He tells Mary that the leading CDN companies could provide his company adequate streaming services, so they built their own.

Speaking about Mary, she has a (text) interview today with Jeff Arnold, CEO of HowStuffWorks, the company that was just sold to Discovery for $250 million cash.  The company’s key assets are tens of thousands of short form, low cost informational videos.  Longtail video gets a high price tag. Content is valued, hurrah!

— Andy Plesser

Disclosure:  Plesser Holland produces video segments for The Deal’s TechConfidential "Behind the Money" show under a service arrangement and we are pleased to publish some of the clips on Beet.TV