New Online TV Guide, “Clicker,” Enters Crowded Field

The online television listing serving Clicker launched last week, entering the crowded business of online television listings.


Big in Brussels: Kyte powers NATO Secretary General’s Videoblog!

How far has the online video business expanded beyond its entertainment roots? So far that the secretary general of NATO is keeping a video blog to stay connected with member countries…


HealthiNation Mines Video Metrics with Brightcove 3

For content providers, metrics are vital to success or failure. Metrics help providers know when their videos are capturing a viewer's attention and when they're not.


Cooliris Partners with Hulu, CBS, Passes 20 Million Downloads

Internet startup Cooliris just lost its chief revenue officer to AOL, but the company that developed a 3-D wall for browsing video and images expects to announce several new product and partnership deals later this month and into early November.


Web Commenting Software “Echo” Resounds with Paying Customers

SAN FRANCISCO — Because a comment has become currency in the social media world, a company that's built out commenting technology for the Web is now profitable. 


Apture Prevents “Flight to Google,” Adds 5-10 Minutes to Page Views

It's one of the most natural habits when online — hitting the back button or clicking over to Google. But the Web services company Apture wants to help publishers avoid that "flight to Google" ……


MediaMobz aims to be eBay for Web video, open marketplace for video projects

The video production and matchmaking sector of the online video business is heating up. One of the newest entrants is video production marketplace MediaMobz, a company that joined the Brightcove partner program earlier this month. At the recent Brightcove Alliance event in San Francisco I talked to MediaMobz CEO Dave Toole about competition in the […]


The Shift from Ad Models to License Fees

Everyone's searching for a business model that works in the new media world. Well, how about this one? Getting paid.


Brightcove, thePlatform Look to Partner Programs for Growth and Expansion

Partnerships are all the rage in the new media business. Online video technology companies, in fact, are betting on alliances with other like-minded firms to help grow business and win new customers.


ClikThrough Creates Hotspots in Videos

SAN FRANCISCO — The idea of clicking on a sweater your favorite TV character is wearing has long been held out as a promised land of interactivity.


Boxee Counts 600K Users Watching 6 to 7 Shows Each Week

Despite the high-profile loss of Hulu content earlier this year, Boxee users are still tuning in: the average Boxee user watches six to seven TV shows and three movies on the Web-to-TV service each week, Boxee CEO Avner Ronen told Beet.TV in an interview earlier this month.


Consumers Won’t Pay for Digital Content, Research Report

Media executives at News Corp., Disney, and NBC are talking about paid content models online being all the rage, but a new eMarketer report says that’s just not going to happen.


thePlatform says Efficiency, Lower Cost, Partnerships are Keys to Success

SEATTLE, WA — Internet TV provider thePlatform has an advantage over its competition because it's owned by Comcast. 


Publishers Push MultiMedia Books

As the book business struggles to adjust to the digital age, some publishers are testing multimedia books and Web sites for popular authors.


Breaking: Firefox 3.5 is Released — A Historic Day for Web Video?

Firefox 3.5 has been released to the public.   What does it mean and specifically, what could it mean for open standards for Web video? 


Seattle’s Delve Makes Video Metadata Available to Publishers Big and Small

I interviewed Alex Castro, founder and CEO of Delve Media, at the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable earlier this month.  Alex explains the value of Delve in a field filled with big, established competitors. 


TMZ Exploring Live Streaming from Courts, Britney’s Parking Lots and various Celeb Hangouts

LOS ANGELES — TMZ, the extremely successful celebrity gossip site and syndicated television show owned by Time Warner, is getting traction with online live streaming. A live streaming video of a parking lot, where Britney Spears was expected, grabbed thousands of viewers for nearly two hours. A recent courthouse appearance by Hulk Hogan’s  son captivated […]


The New York Times on Guy Maddin’s New Film: “My Winnipeg — is as real as any work of art can be”…and Beet.TV Gets a Close-Up!

Guy Maddin, the celebrated Canadian film director received a glowing review by A. O. Scott in today’s New York Times for the opening of his "My Winnepeg."  The reviewer writes today: "My Winnipeg” — is as real as any work of art can be." Beet.TV sat down with the filmmaker last week in New York […]


Adobe Media Player is Open to “Longtail” Publishers, Too

Adobe’s newly introduced desktop application for video, Adobe Media Player, features content from mostly big publishers like CBS.  But it’s a platform for long tail producers too, Beet.TV has learned.  The platform allows consumption of videos from any show that has media RSS feed, according to Deeje Cooley, Adobe’s Internet TV Evangelist and co-creator of […]


NBC Directs Tests New Download Platform with P2P Distribution, Report

NBC Direct, the platform to deliver downloads of high quality programming, is opening its beta testing, according to a report in NewTeeVee.  This is different from Hulu, the joint venture of NBC and News Corp. Hulu streams flash video.  NBC Direct provides a downloaded file  to save and watch in "true" 720 HD. As HD […]

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