Guy Maddin, the celebrated Canadian film director received a glowing review by A. O. Scott in today’s New York Times for the opening of his "My Winnepeg."  The reviewer writes today: "My Winnipeg” — is as real as any work of art can be."

Beet.TV sat down with the filmmaker last week in New York to understand his vision of technology and the creative process.  He shot the new film in HD video, projected on his refrigerator and filmed it. Amazing but true. Maddin told Beet.TV that he is keen on using camera phones to create theatrical films. 

Maddin is one of the most adventurous of modern filmmakers, a true maverick,
this 52 year old Manitoba native has forged a singular style unlike anyone
working in contemporary cinema. His genre bending avant garde and narrative
films rely heavily on pastiche of antiquated film techniques and a measured
embrace of the artificiality of the medium that filmmakers have forever been
trying to subdue.

His new film, a fictionalized travelogue of sorts, is called
My Winnepeg. Scouring the depths of his personal journey living in Winnepeg for
the half-century his been alive, Maddin uses his hometown as a spring board for
a wily, often unreliable investigation into Winnepeg’s past and its uncertain
future. The film opens today at IFC Center in New York.

Speaking with filmmakers is key to understanding the emerging medium of
online video.  We are expanding our coverage of this sector.

— Andy Plesser