The video production and matchmaking sector of the online video business is heating up. One of the newest entrants is video production marketplace MediaMobz, a company that joined the Brightcove partner program earlier this month. At the recent Brightcove Alliance event in San Francisco I talked to MediaMobz CEO Dave Toole about competition in the marketplace with firms like TurnHere, Demand Studios, and others.

MediaMobz hopes to stand out by taking its lead from eBay. The MediaMobz marketplace operates like a real-time auction-based system for bidding on video projects.This replaces the process of going to a Craigslist and sifting through numerous posts there, Toole explained.The key to differentiation lies in that open marketplace, he said. “We
give [companies] direct access to the producers,” Toole said, adding that competitors can see the bids.

In addition to its marketplace, MediaMobz also sells packaged products for technology companies on annual reports or product releases, for instance. “We are seeing video production within the enterprise take off,” he said.

MediaMobz makes money via a percentage of the production costs, usually about 8%.

Daisy Whitney, Senior Producer