Internet Pioneer Robert Metcalfe’s Long Anticipated Transformation of the Net to Video is Here and the Implications Are Profound…It’s Always been about the “Packets”

Click To Play We are on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the annual Emerging Technology Conference organized by Technology Review.  At the kick-off dinner at the MIT Museum, I had the good fortune to interview Robert Metcalfe, the pioneering computer scientist who invented Ethernet back in 1973 — before that he […]


Flash is the Platform for Online Video Ads, Declares DoubleClick’s Ari Paparo….You Gotta “Digg This:” Diggnation Cops Venture Funding!

Click To Play Kate caught up with Ari Paparo who heads up DoubleClick‘s rich media division.  The term "rich media," which had previously referred to mainly Flash and other animated ads viewed online, is quickly expanding to encompass the world of online video. Ari has a lot to share with us about all this. Flash […]


Where’s the Money in Online Video? It’s About Advertising Placed on Searchable Video Clips, Predicts PodTech Founder John Furrier

Click To Play John Furrier is the most successful player in the commercial podcast space. He has created top notch podcasts for a number of leading tech companies. Now, he’s working with audio and video producers to build a large inventory of radio and video content. John expects to monetize all this through advertising. During […]


Top Online Video Analyst Brian Haven Unlocks the Mysteries of Video Search

Click To Play Unlike text or images, which can be easily searched, searching video is not that simple because search engines don’t “see” video images. Instead, the crawlers essentially find words like “skate boarding” or “Katrina” that producers put around their content when they upload it to YouTube, Google, etc. This is called “metadata.” Lots […]


Flickr Co-Founder Stewart Butterfield on the Basics of “Participatory Media” – It’s not About the Photos – It’s About the People

Click To Play We caught up with Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield in Manhattan last week. He was in town to announce the winners in Flickr’s photo contest ‘The Blink of an Eye’. Stewart and his wife and co-founder Caterina Fake sold the company to Yahoo! last year. The were featured on the cover of Newsweek […]


“Millionaire/Wife Swap” Producer Michael Davies is Making Cool Tech Videos for Yahoo!

Click To Play We were out at the Yahoo! headquarters in Sunnyvale, Ca. last month and caught up with our old pal Patrick Houston who heads up Yahoo! Tech.  We wanted to find out his strategy for the new Yahoo! channel.  He told us about progress with "Hook Me Up" — a new series of […]


Pioneering Television Programmer CNET Set to Debut

Click To Play CNET Networks started out some ten years ago as an accomplished producer of technology programming that was syndicated on local and network television.  A few years later, the company stepped back from the video world as it built a hugely successful technology news and e-commerce site. More recently, the company has produced […]


Silicon Valley Is Roaring Back with Real Opportunity, Not the Hype of the Bubble, Says Veteran Publisher and Valley Visionary Tony Perkins

Click To Play Congratulations to Tony Perkins and the team at AlwaysOn for an incredibly successful three day technology summit on the Stanford campus.  The energy, ideas, and networking were palpable. The place was packed with sharp start-up’s, hungry VC’s, industry analysts, journalists, bloggers and at least one vlogger! The sessions were standing-room only, the […]


Yahoo! Taps Its Half Billion Users As Content Creators — The “Yodel” Can be Downloaded!

Click To Play We visited on Tuesday afternoon with Yahoo!’s Nick Chavez among violet flowers and floating purple baloons in the bucolic campus of Yahoo’s headquarters in Sunnyvale. Nick is Marketing Director of Corporate Brand Marketing. He is very excited about a competition among some of the brightest young college filmmakers to create ads for […]


Video Clips Will be Downloaded Not “Flashed,” Predicts Software Developer

Click To Play — Walt Mossberg Likes Pando and So do We –- Most of the popular video platforms like YouTube, Google, and Yahoo!, plus cool video publishing tools like Blip.TV and VideoEgg, stream video to computers as a Flash file. The file launches a nice video player on your Web browser.  Flash has become […]


Executive Alert: Stop the Denial and Condemnation of Social Networking: Get with the Program NOW, Urges Forrester’s Top Marketing Executive Officer

Click To Play Forrester Research provides research and consulting services to many of the world’s leading companies.  We caught up with Brian Kardon, the chief marketing officer, in his Cambridge, Mass office. He says it’s time for executives to get past the denial thing about social networking and grasp the “sea change” in communications. He […]


Chris Anderson’s Long Tail is a Wonderful Book — and He Sure Knows How to Party!

Adblock Adblock Above are some of the attendees at last night’s The Long Tail book party [Download video to your computer | Upload to iPod, PSP] Congratulations to Chris Anderson, editor in chief of WIRED magazine on the publication of the long anticipated book The Long Tail. After reading the blog of the same name […]


Online Video Revolution is Here and Some Online Publishers are on it: CNET’s Dan Farber Explains it All

Click To Play   For publishers the age of video has arrived and some big companies are doing a very good job of integrating it into their websites and blogs, and reaping the rewards for doing so. CNET, the giant online media company in San Francisco, pioneered the production and distribution of video content about […]


PaidContent Going Global Declares Founder

Click To Play PaidContent’s founder, Rafat Ali, has just been funded and he is thinking BIG and global. He told me this morning that all media is going digital and "our site (PaidContent) will be the hub of everything there."  The company is about to expand agressively in the U.K. and Rafat expects to expand […]


MySpace Backlash Could Stunt Emerging Social Networking, warns MIT’s Henry Jenkins – And Government Regulations Would Widen the “Participation Gap”

  Panic, hysteria and overheated media coverage of privacy issues at MySpace threaten the growth of emerging social networks, says Henry Jenkins, co-director of the Media Studies program and Professor of Media Convergence at MIT. Henry believes that social networking will be essential to young people as they organize in groups for social and political […]


Post-Gates, Microsoft will Focus on Services, MS Watcher Mary Jo Foley Predicts

Click To Play   While chatting with Mary Jo Foley of Microsoft Watch in Madison Square Park yesterday, I asked her about the executive changes at Microsoft and what the company will be like with Ray Ozzie as Chief Software Architect. She’s extremely bullish on Microsoft’s outlook with Ozzie at the helm, and she says […]


Budding Superstar Amber MacArthur on Success Online: Just Do It!

Click To Play   We ran into Amber MacArthur at the Vloggercon confab last weekend. Her tech background, creativity, and super-appealing personality have made her one of the most successful “stars” in online video. The engaging Canadian has very cool video blog about Toronto, tech and other subjects: CommandN.TV. She is also a co-host with […]


Microsoft Will Catch YouTube in Consumer Generated Content, Declares MSN’s Todd E. Herman…and “We are out Tivoing Tivo” with Consumer Demand for Clips

Click To Play Microsoft is going to launch a program to bring consumer generated content to the MSN site. As far as we can find, not much has been said about the program, code named Warhol, and the company is revealing very little. We met Todd Herman, director of Advertising and Business Strategy at MSN, […]


The Revolution Will Be Televised, says Silicon Valley Watcher’s Tom Foremski

Tom Foremski, the former Financial Times reporter turned blogger of Silicon Valley Watcher, stopped by the Vloggercon conference to talk about the online video and vlogging phenomenon. Tom talks about the latest example of the impact that consumer generated media, specifically online video, can have on the news cycle: Robert Scoble’s announcement that he is […]

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