Live Video Solution Provider Veodia Nails $8.3 Million in First Venture Round

In the ecosystem of live streaming technology, Veodia is somewhere in the middle of the likes of uStream and and professional video streaming services.  The company provides organizations to broadcast and manage live and on-demand high quality (MPEG-4/h.264). It has a free service, which as Veodia branding, and a corporate "white label" solution. We’ve […]


Britain’s “Project Kangaroo” to be Powered by Kontiki, others

LOS ANGELES — Three of the biggest broadcasters in Britain, the BBC Worldwide, ITV and Channel 4 are in a joint venture to provide a platform to distribute video  programming online. For now, it is called "Project Kangaroo."    Unlike Hulu in the United States, which is a streaming platform, Kangaroo will primarily be a […]


Kontiki Sails Away from VeriSign

Kontiki, one of the first peer-to-peer distribution companies, has been sold by parent VeriSign as part of a broad and anticipated corporate divestiture. Yesterday in Hollywood I caught up with Bill Wishon who heads marketing for Kontiki.  He spoke about the new investor and the opportunities ahead. He says that traditional content delivery networks (CDN’s) […]


EdgeCast Provides CDN Services at “Half the Price of Akamai,” CEO Tells Beet.TV

EdgeCast is another of the scrappy upcoming content delivery networks (CDN) which is vying for a piece of the market for the distribution of big video files around the globe.  The Los Angeles company has raised $10 million, with most from Disney’s venture fund. In just 9 months, the company has landed over 100 customers.  […]


Samsung Has “Full HD” Camera with Flash Memory — Shipping in May for $899

In a neighboring Chelsea art gallery last week, Samsung had a little show for some of its newest digital devices.  David took our non-HD Panasonic over for this report. He got a demonstration of the not yet released Samsung HMX20, a small and powerful camcorder with an 8GB internal Flash memory drive and a slot […]


BitTorrent & Comcast are Working on Technology to “Speed the delivery of video in the years to come”…..and P2P is Green!

Click To Play Half of Internet traffic is carried on peer-to-peer networks.  For Internet Service Providers handling this traffic, new network management technologies are being explored and implemented. After the highly publicized "throttling" of P2P traffic by Comcast and a subsequent FCC inquiry and Congressional uproar, Comcast and BitTorrent have entered into a pact to to […]


NBC Readies Online Olympics Coverage with Microsoft’s Silverlight — and Piracy Solutions are in Place

Click To Play Online viewers of the Summer Olympics, will need to download a small plug-in to their computers to watch some 2200 hours of live and on-demand video coverage from Beijing. The Web application is called Silverlight. It was introduced last year by Microsoft. To check it out, you might want to watch a […]


HP Readies Monitor with “One Billion Colors”

Click To Play HP is readying a monitor for video post production work that has "one billion colors."  The new technology was announced at the NAB show in Las Vegas last week by HP and partner DreamWorks.  DreamWorks will be using the new monitor in animation post-production. DreamWorks and HP have had a long association […]


NAB Winds Down with Record International Attendance

Click To Play Covering NAB, walking the halls Las Vegas Convention Center, it was striking to overhear so many attendees speaking foreign languages.   About a third of the 100,000 attendees are from overseas, a record international contingent, the NAB says.  I had the opportunity to interview the NAB’s Chris Brown, the executive who runs the […]


Akamai Expands into Transcoding Services

Akamai, the world’s biggest content delivery network, is expanding its offering to provide transcoding services to content creators. The news was released here at NAB. With the demand for files to be transcoded into multiple formats escalating, coupled with an increasingly competitive CDN market, this looks like an important move to us. I interviewed Akamai’s […]


Live from Las Vegas from the Floor of NAB

See replay of our interviews at NAB in Las Vegas on our Mogulus channel. Note:  The image above is not the player but a still image.  — Andy Plesser


U.K.’s Velocix Introduces P2P Live Streaming Services

Velocix, the Cambridge, England-based content delivery network (CDN) has announced the introduction of live video streaming distribution services. Surely live streaming will gain momentum this year with the introduction of Microsoft’s Silverlight and the Adobe Media Player.  These services will demand considerable bandwidth and P2P solutions will likely have an important role. For a perspective […]


Adobe Introduces Digital Rights Management for Flash

Flash, the ubiquitous Web plug-in that has driven the success of YouTube and the vast majority of online video has one big limitation: its files are not protected from being saved, mashed or republished.  Apple’s QuickTime and Microsoft’s Windows Media Player have robust security protocols. Since Flash has been mostly streamed and not downloaded — […]


Adobe Flash on Phones Started in Japan Five Years Ago: It’s All About Rich APP’s and Cool U.I.’s

There’s been quite a lot of buzz over the last day over the licensing of Adobe’s Flash Lite 3 to competitor Microsoft for use in mobile handsets running the new Silverlight multimedia platform. While the Adobe software enables viewing of Flash video players on phones, the immediate value of Flash Lite to Silverlight is its […]


Strange Bedfellows: Microsoft’s Silverlight to Stream On Adobe’s Flash Light 3

We read with interest ZDNet’s Larry Dignan’s take on the unlikely announcement that Microsoft’s Silverlight will run on Adobe’s new mobile Flash platform called Flash Light 3.  From our standpoint, Adobe’s new Flash player for the phone is pretty awesome.  We got this demo earlier this month with Rhett Woods at the Adobe offices in […]


BBC Seeks Congestion Solution for iPlayer with “Project Cheetah”

The iPlayer from the BBC, the new online video program service available in the U.K., has gone through a number of changes in its platform and distribution since its introduction last year. Launched initially for PC’s with viewing only on Microsoft Window Media Player, the video player has added Flash and can be viewed on […]


Flash Player Debuts on U.S. Mobile Phones and Beet.TV has the Demo — and YouTube Look Great!

The ubiquitous Flash Video Player, the most widely used Web plug-in to watch online video, has finally landed on mobile phones in the United States, albeit with limited availability.  Some 450 million mobile devices around the globe have the Flash Player, but only a handful in the United States, which is woefully behind most of […]


Attention Video Publishers: New Adobe Desktop Environment for Web Shows Could be Cooler than QuickTime Podcasts

There’s been a good bit of anticipation about the Adobe Media Player (AMP), the application that will allow users to download videos to a desktop environment.  Up until now, virtually all Flash video files are streamed and watched in a browser. Over the next few weeks, video publishers, including Beet.TV, will launch branded "channels" using […]


New York Times Company Launches ShifD, a Mobile/Web/Desktop Application for Storing Personal Information

In its first introduction of a consumer technology solution, The New York Times Company has launched the beta version of  ShifD.  The application, which is accessible on the Web, various mobile devices and on the desktop of Adobe Air, allows users to save links, notes and places.  Users can update and retrieve data through all […] Media Competition is Heating Up is a place where entrepreneurs pitch business ideas, in short videos, to potential investors.  Since its launch last summer, it has had over a thousand companies around the world participate through slick and funky video uploads. We reported recently that the company has closed on a second round of early stage funding. There’s a […]

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