LAS VEGAS — The integration of video production elements is becoming more important as publishers seek to increase productivity and save cost. 

Interesting news about how Adobe's editing software will now be integrated into Brightcove's production platform.

Not sure if this will boost use of Premiere vs. Apple's Final Cut Pro in the competition for desktop editing, but one thing is sure that it is great that production management is getting streamlined.

Earlier this week at the NAB meeting in Las Vegas, Adobe and Brightcove announced a number of joint collaborations including the editing integration.  On the floor of the convention center, we interviewed Brightcove marketing chief Jeff Whatcott.

Jeff said that Brightcove is embracing Adobe's new video player framework called Strobe.  We reported on this yesterday.

In related news, Market7, a new video content management system, is integrating both Apple's Final Cut and Premiere into its platform. And,  Avid is allowing integration of Final Cut Pro, strange bedfellows indeed.

Advantage Apple? Adobe Pulls the Plug on Adobe Media Player, Report

Liz Gannes at NewTeeVee reports that Adobe has pulled the plug on its Adobe Media Player, the content syndication for downloadable media. It wont syndicate content past June.  Looks like Apple iTunes is tough to beat in this space.

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

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