LAS VEGAS — We read the coverage about Adobe's Flash coming to television sets, which is an important development.  But this Flash content will only play on new television sets with new chips.  It will take quite some time. 

Some of it is here already with the new Intel/Yahoo! collaboration, as we reported recently.

For us, the big news is a new video framework for building  online video players, called Strobe. It will be released later this year and it could be widely adopted.  Adobe hopes this will create the standardization of video players.

Yesterday we caught up with Adobe's Ashley Still who explains the deep functionality of the new player framework. 

Clearly there is big problem with the lack of standards for hundreds of different  video players.  This effects everything from advertising to syndication to sharing to SEO. 

If Adobe can create an industry standard around video players,  then this could be huge.  We think it's big news.

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer