Adaptive streaming, the technology which allows high quality streaming video to play properly over Internet connections of ranging connection speeds, has been a part of the big success of Move Networks, a Utah company which provides the online video platform for ABC Television and others.  The quality is stunning.  Here's my interview with Move CEO John Edwards

Adobe, the preeminent player in online video streaming is making its own move into adaptive streaming, which it calls "dynamic" streaming.  Microsoft, which has been working with Move, is expanding its use of adaptive streaming in its Silverlight rich media web plug-in.

Akamai, the global distributor of Internet content and applications, is working closely on adaptive streaming with both Adobe and Microsoft.  Last week at the AlwaysOn conference in Manhattan, I spoke with Mike Afergan, CTO,  about  adaptive streaming and its implementation.

Akamai and Microsoft have been working on very cool HD video demo site called SmoothHD.  We show some cutaways in our video, but you should visit the site.  

Here's the HD demonstration site from Adobe and Akamai.

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

Disclaimer:  Akamai is a sponsor of Beet.TV.


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