On Tuesday (12/1) in Washington, Beet.TV will gather an extraordinary group to talk about online video and its role in the evolving news environment.

The line-up for Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable includes political strategist Joe Trippi and Obama Campaign video producer Max Harper along with editors and executives from CBS News, NBC News, YouTube, the Washington Post, the Economist, The Guardian, Slate.com, MSBNC.com, Livestream, NPR, the Atlantic Monthly, Brightcove and Discovery News.

A big topic will be about programming and reaching targeted audiences. 

I interviewed Max earlier this year and have republished his interview on this page.  He explains the success of the Obama campaign in creating content and delivering it to key constituents.  In the clip, he explains the power of email marketing in video viewing.  

For online content creators big and small, success in publishing video on the Web is about understanding niche audiences and being clever in reaching them. 

There will be quite a lot to learn and share on Tuesday afternoon and I hope you can join us. The event will be live on Beet.TV and on our Livestream channel.

The program will be from 4-6 p.m. ET  (If you can't join us live, the two-hour program will continuously run on our Livestream channel.)

Thanks to the Embassy of Finland for hosting us, Brightcove for sponsoring and to Livestream for producing the Webcast.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer