LONDON – Recently, there’s been immense growth in the programatic video buying space, says Marco Bertozzi, managing director of Europe, Middle East and Asia for Vivaki. Beet.TV spoke with Bertozzi in this video interview at the Publcis Investor Day in London.

The Chicago-based digital advertising solutions company, has expanded into France and Spain.

Currently, VivaKi is using all cookie-based data used for targeting. The transition from measuring video data and campaigns with panels of people to measuring this data with cookie profiles is a challenge for the industry, Bertozzi says.

Bertozzi says the data market is very developed in UK and France but is lagging behind in southern, central and eastern Europe.

“But it is moving fast,” says Bertozzi. “There’s an enormous amount of companies that are seeing this as a great, big opportunity now. The message is out, so lots of companies are investing in this area.”

– Katy Charles