CANNES — The rise of automated, super-targeted advertising known as “programmatic” has been complex and fast. Sometimes, ad tech players have not helped themselves by obfuscating their offering in obtuse language.

But one of the key execs in the space says he observers advertisers increasingly wrapping their head around the prospect and its potential.

“We’ve had a few years where advertisers have had a little bit of confusion about who to trust,” VivaKi global clients president Marco Bertozzi tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “But I feel like we’ve passed a lot of those – advertisers are now asking all the right questions. We are really moving to a positive space at the moment,

“I’m seeing a lot from the big global advertisers that they are restructuring to cope with this programmatic ecosystem. We’re starting to see heads of programmatic, heads of data technology, these roles being put in to place, which is a great step. It means they start to evaluate the landscape, understand what all the agencies do, educate themselves well.”

Bertozzi’s VivaKi itself is currently engaged in a restructure which sees its own programmatic staff being spread throughout its holding company’s individual agencies – another sign that programmatic is being normalized in ad land.

Bertozzi reckons that task will be completed by the end of Q3.

We interviewed Bertozzi at the Cannes Lions Festival as part of a series on video advertising presented by Rubicon Project.  Please visit this page for more videos from the series.