LONDON – Those ads that follow users around the web with a banner for a vacation after they browsed for a vacation may soon be more than just banners.

“The ability to retarget someone with a video as as opposed to just a display ad adds an interesting new dimension,” the EMEA president of Publicis-owned digital group VivaKi’s Audience On Demand unit, Marco Bertozzi, tells Beet.TV.

“Many advertisers now are creating lots of assets in video, not just the TV ad … If you watched our ad on YouTube, for instance, we can now follow that person – if they were to have liked that piece of video content, we can follow that person and show them a second or a third piece of content. We can truly do the sequential part of the equation.”

In the interview, he also speaks about real-time bidding around premium video content, which is becoming more prevalent with publishers and brands.

We spoke with him as part of our series titled “The Road to Cannes,” a preview of the Festival and an overview on the state and future of digital media by a range of thought leaders.  The series will be published over the next four weeks.  The series is sponsored by Videology.