TIMES’ RICK BERKE: Video Will Become as “Central” as Text on the Web and the Printed Paper

The New York Times, long a pioneer in producing feature video for the Web, is readying a significant expansion of its video news programming, says Times veteran editor Rick Berke, who has the new title of  senior editor and director of video content development. In this interview with Beet.TV, the former assistant managing editor says […]


AP’s Global Video News Chief: Sorting out Contributors vs. Activists in Syria

LONDON – With little access to the raging civil war in Syria, the Associated Press has been relying on a citizen journalists with smart phones with the Bambuser app to stream live coverage of the conflict, explains Sandy MacIntrye, the London-based head of global news for the AP, in this interview with Beet.TV Not necessarily […]


Britain’s Big Journalism Site Changes Focus, Increases Views

LONDON – Rather putting resources around widely reported journalism stories such as the Leveson inquiry, Britain’s leading journalism blog, Journalism.uk.co, has decided to focus on original reporting.  This has meant lower article count but greater page views says Sarah Marshall,  Technology Editor, in this interview with Beet.TV We spoke with her recently at the FT […]


Reuters Digitizing Its Long Tail To License To Marketers

LONDON – Reuters has begun a “major” program to digitize 25,000 hours of analogue video content it hopes to license to content-hungry brands and to publishers eager for material to serve ads against. “It’s sitting in a basement,” Reuters’ global multimedia head Greg Beitchman told Beet.TV in this interview. “If you want that content today, […]


Financial Times Video Chief: Short-Form Video to Expand

LONDON – The Financial Times is using video to increase its profile, says Josh de la Mare, global editor for Financial Times Video. Beet.TV spoke with him in this video interview at the Financial Times headquarters. FT Video is beginning to use journalists who have typically focused on writing, but have some video experience, to […]


Bloomberg Revs Up Video News Operations, Publishing 200 Clips Daily

With a global television network operation in place, Bloomberg News is using video clips from its  shows as well as Web-only videos to produce some 200 clips per day,  signaling a new “digital first” approach, says Chris Berend, executive producer and head of digital video at Bloomberg, in a video interview at Bloomberg headquarters with Beet.TV […]


VICE Readies Global Video News Operation in “Biggest Commitment”

CANNES – VICE, the fast-growing, New York-based video programmer of edgy lifestyle and entertainment, is readying the launch of a global news organization this year in the company’s “biggest commitment” says Andrew Creighton, president, in this interview with Beet.TV.  The project involves the opening of bureaus around the world with a big expansion of staffers […]


The Big Media Story is Now the Small One, paidContent’s Exec Editor Ernie Sander

The important digital media stories are not so much the transformation of the big legacy companies, but around a new crop of digital-only innovators, says Ernie Sander, Executive Editor of GigaOm and paidContent, as he give this preview of the paidContent media conference set for New York on April 17. Beet.TV will be covering the […]


The AP’s Plan to “Manage the Noise” of Social Media on Election Night

With social media expected to create a great deal of "noise" and make for "a confusing time for alot of people" around the election returns, the Associated Press is telling its staffers not to share the "race calls" by other news organizations, says Eric Carvin, Social Media Editor in this interview with Beet.TV


Beast TV: Tina Brown’s Video Mix of the Conventional and Edgy

From a routine talk-show format to a highly stylized series of op-ed videos, Beast TV, the 10-month-old video operations of The Daily Beast and Newsweek, seeks to present "smart" video which amplifies the authority of the staff, says Katherine O'Hearn, VP, Video & Events, in this inteview with Beet.TV.


Behind-the-Scenes News Video Rising in Popularity, BBC News Heads Says

LONDON — Online news consumers often watch timeline videos, raw videos and analysis of breaking news, but by and large it’s still hard to predict which types of news videos will do well, says Andrew Roy, Head of News at BBC News during a Beet.TV panel at the Beet.TV Video News Summit at the Financial […]


Publishers Becoming Content Hubs, Says Taboola CEO

LONDON – Online video viewers are increasingly “stumbling across” videos rather than searching them out, a habit that puts a greater premium for tech companies on surfacing videos for those consumers, says Adam Singolda, CEO of video discovery and distribution service Taboola, during a Beet.TV panel at the Beet.TV Video News Summit at the Financial Times this […]


NBC News Specials Chief on the RNC Convention: Our Work is “Around the Edges”

TAMPA – The proceedings from podium at the Republican National Convention in Tampa is an “important show,” but the work of the networks’ journalists happens on “around the edges,” to find the important stories  says Mark Lukasiewicz, Senior Vice President of NBC News Specials, in this video provided to Beet.TV by NBC.


Wall Street Journal Expands Video Platform for Staffers with “WorldStream”

Wall Street Journal has launched WorldStream, a platform for video news gathering and publishing of short form videos created by the paper's staffers.  The publisher made the announcement today.


Photo Alert: Instagram Goes Mainstream as the AP Plans Convention Coverage via iPhones

The AP's staff photographers covering the upcoming political conventions in Tampa and Charlotte will not just be shooting for the wire service with their high-end DSLR cameras, they will shoot separate stories using iPhones and uploading the images via Instagram.


WSJ’s Social Media Director to Staffers: Tweet about Your Beat

While it is important for journalists to have a "human voice" in their tweets, the real reason reporters are followed on Twitter is for their expertise and their added perspective of the their beat, says Liz Heron, Director of Social Media at The Wall Street Journal, in this interview with Beet.TV


Open Data is Essential to the Video News Business, CNN’s Peter Bale

LONDON – Open data around video news is essential to the growth of the digital news business, says Peter Bale, General Manager of CNN International Digital, in this segment from the recent Beet.TV video journalism summit in London held at the offices of the Financial Times.


NBC Debuts “Multi-Platform News Organization” at London 2012 Olympics

The recent news that MSNBC.com has become NBCNews.com is much more than a name change, it means that all the digital resources of NBC News, its cable networks and owned televison are unified online as a new, "multi-platform news organization," explains Vivian Schiller, Chief Digital Officer of NBC News in this interview with Beet.TV


Financial Times Gaining Traction with Long-Form Videos

LONDON – The Financial Times, which has produces primarily talking heads videos from its studios in London, New York and Hong Kong, is gaining attention for its longer-form, feature stories says Josh de la Mare, Global Editor of Financial Times Video, in this segment from our recent video journalism summt at the FT’s headquarters.


Dublin’s “Storyful,” Curating Crowd-Sourced News from Damascus to Aurora for The New York Times, Bloomberg, YouTube and others

LONDON –   Dublin-based Storyful, a new  sort of “wire service” which authenticates and curates “crowd-sourced” journalism for big media customers including The New York Times, Bloomberg, Reuters and YouTube, quickly identified authoritative “citizen” journalists and local news sources in the aftermath of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

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