With a global television network operation in place, Bloomberg News is using video clips from its  shows as well as Web-only videos to produce some 200 clips per day,  signaling a new “digital first” approach, says Chris Berend, executive producer and head of digital video at Bloomberg, in a video interview at Bloomberg headquarters with Beet.TV

Berend says the digital desk aims to create “digital-friendly” stories, using Bloomberg-produced television as the back-end resource, and distribute them quickly to a worldwide audience.

“We’re trying to take advantage of the fact that we have this network,” Berend says. “What we decided to do was not separate a digital video from a piece of television. We decided to make television, which is the biggest fire hose of video that we can possible create, we decided to make that more digital friendly.

“We’re actually creating a giant linear TV feed that’s digital with content that we know is going to be chopped up and really, really super friendly for mobile, for web, for over-the-top boxes,” says Berend.

– Katy Charles