LONDON – The Financial Times is using video to increase its profile, says Josh de la Mare, global editor for Financial Times Video. Beet.TV spoke with him in this video interview at the Financial Times headquarters.

FT Video is beginning to use journalists who have typically focused on writing, but have some video experience, to create clips for the website. The department plans to experiment with the weekend section first then carry this throughout other sections.

De la Mare says it’s important to give viewers a variety of videos. Already, there is a core of two to five minute clips that forms the base of the FT Video content.

“But on top of that I think you need other forms of output, shorter clips,” de la Mare says. “They may be rougher in the way they’re shot, but the content that comes from them can be very strong, and it’s worth it for that.”

Videos are published in conjunction with relevant articles and graphics so as to create a multimedia experience for the audience that is not just text, not just video. Videos are free to watch and can be embedded on other websites and blogs.

– Katy Charles