The Evolution Of CTV Ad Measurement: InMobi’s Barthur

It is a young medium with so much potential – but connected TV still needs to develop a set of new skills if it is going to satisfy advertisers getting excited about the opportunities. Emarketer previously forecast US connected TV ad spend would hit $14.14 billion by 2023, 4.7% of the total. It brings new […]


Identity Is Far From Solved: InMobi’s Singhal

Around the industry, the challenge of figuring out audience members’ identities has become a leading imperative. But how effective are attempts at solving identity, really? Not effective enough, according to the co-founder of one mobile-specific ad-tech vendor. “Identity is an interesting challenge because that fundamentally drives the entire fabric of digital advertising.” says Abhay Singhal, […]


InMobi’s Sprint Deal By The Numbers: Frisbie

PHOENIX — InMobi’s deal to acquire Sprint’s Pinsight advertising unit may have closed last Q4 – but that doesn’t mean InMobi’s data on mobile subscribers is getting stale. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Anne Frisbie, InMobi SVP programmatic, says InMobi continues to enjoy live data on telco consumers. “It’s current,” she says. “It’s updated […]


InMobi’s Silverman Plots Path From Mobile To Connected TV

COLOGNE — It is one of the oldest mobile ad networks around, so what is InMobi doing planning a move in to television? In this video interview with Beet.TV, InMobi marketplace VP and GM Scott Silverman says the company will soon be helping advertisers bridge mobile and connected TV campaigns. “We’ll work with app developers […]


Advertisers Must Harness Long-Term Data: InMobi’s Cordero

Mobile ad company InMobi says it is trying not only to encourage advertisers to use more data but to do so for years ahead. “Most of the media that I see spent – not a hell of a lot of data is actually being gathered,” says the company’s north America GM Francisco Cordero. “That could […]


InMobi’s Sarofian: Custom Creative For Mobile Next Frontier

Based on consumer behavior on mobile devices, the next advertising playground will likely lie in custom mobile ads, says Stephanie Sarofian, Executive Director, Brand and Agency at mobile platform InMobi  in this interview with Erick Schonfeld, Co-Founder of TouchCast, at the recent Beet.TV executive retreat in Vieques, Puerto Rico. The former Digitas exec and founder of the New Fronts […]


App Developers Gain Power From Native: InMobi’s Majumdar

BARCELONA — The move to native mobile advertising formats will give a much greater say to one of the most important participants in the mobile app ecosystem, according to mobile ad network InMobi. App developers, until now, didn’t have a say,” says the firm’s head of publisher-side products Krishnendu Majumdar. “If they have to monetize, they’re […]


Native Ads 10x Better Than Mobile Banners: InMobi’s Bengani

BARCELONA — The so-called “native advertising” opportunity, which sees straight-up display ads replaced by sponsorships that look like content, may be young – but mobile ad network InMobi is moving aggressively in its direction. “We’re going to break up the banners,” InMobi global strategic partnerships VP Pankaj Bengani tells Beet.TV. “Instead of showing banners to users, […]


Treat Mobile Ads Like Episodes To Gain Insight: InMobi’s Venkatesh

BARCELONA — Some may say the ad business is like a soap opera these days – but InMobi thinks it should come in “episodes”. “We came up with an episodic learning platform which uses a methodology to work with consumers campaign-to-campaign,” says mobile ad network InMobi‘s head of products, brand and commerce Preetham Venkatesh. “If […]


‘Human Algorithms’ Key To App Success: InMobi’s Bapna

BARCELONA — If you want to understand apps, you need to understand app users. That’s according to one mobile advertising technologist. “The core of the search era was the keyword, the core of the social era is the stuff you share on social networks,” says InMobi‘s product director Abhishek Bapna. “In the app ecosystem, neither of them are […]


Messaging Could Light Up Mobile Monetization: InMobi’s Yu

BARCELONA — WhatsApp’s mega acquisition by Facebook should be welcomed as another pointer that mobile messaging could be a money-spinner, according to one mobile ad exec. (Mobile) will go either toward commerce or toward advertising,” InMobi north America MD Crid Yu tells Beet.TV. “It’s amazing to me that, after all these years, the most commonly […]


Mobile Changes Ad Buying Entirely with 10X Data: InMobi’s Frisbie

BARCELONA  — We’re not just in a “mobile-first” world when it comes to advertising, according to mobile ad network InMobi – smartphone adoption is changing the very nature of ad planning and buying. “People don’t even realize how disruptive mobile is going to be around their media buying,” says InMobi’s global alliances GM Anne Frisbie. […]


InMobi’s is Powering Mobile Ads with Data, Stephanie Sarofian

Mobile platform InMobi is betting that the pivotal role phones play for consumers’ lives will help drive use of mobile data too for brands and agencies, says Stephanie Sarofian, Executive Director, Brand and Agency at InMobi in this interview at the Beet.TV executive retreat. The former Digitas ad exec recently joined the mobile data technology company and […]


Mobile Ad Network inMobi Rolls Out Personalized Mobile Ads

Mobile devices should be at the centerpiece of creative and messaging, says Francisco Cordero, VP and General Manager at InMobi, a mobile ad network, during an interview with Beet.TV about the need for data-driven creative for mobile. Because it’s the device closest to the consumers, agencies and marketers should develop creative campaigns with mobile in mind from […]


Mobile Ad Net InMobi Considering Its Video Options

CANNES — InMobi has been known as a big name in mobile advertising for most of its five years in operation. But those five years predate the smartphone and tablet boom. Now the outfit is mulling its options for adding such services to its client offering. “We are evaluating various different strategies as to what makes […]