Mobile devices should be at the centerpiece of creative and messaging, says Francisco Cordero, VP and General Manager at InMobi, a mobile ad network, during an interview with Beet.TV about the need for data-driven creative for mobile. Because it’s the device closest to the consumers, agencies and marketers should develop creative campaigns with mobile in mind from the get-go, he says.

“The user is expecting you know them much more. You can’t just show mobile users the same creative for the whole month,” he says, adding that InMobi is focused in the US with building out data-augmented creative. “Expectations are higher and brands should be tailoring creative based on different data coming from the device.” That could include location or habits, for instance. InMobi recently introduced a new ad format called InMobi Smart Ads that are personalized and have generated up to a ten times higher engagement rate, the company said.

“[Consumers] expect you to know whether the offer or message is relevant to what they’re doing right there and then and I think the data on the device is key to a good video experience, and I don’t think anyone has really figured that out yet,” he says.

We spoke with Cordero at Advertising Week in New York last month.

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