Mobile platform InMobi is betting that the pivotal role phones play for consumers’ lives will help drive use of mobile data too for brands and agencies, says Stephanie Sarofian, Executive Director, Brand and Agency at InMobi in this interview at the Beet.TV executive retreat. The former Digitas ad exec recently joined the mobile data technology company and is tasked with building strategic partnerships with brands.

“Mobile plays a unique role in being able to the remote across channels and an aid to discovering navigation and commerce,” she says in this interview. InMobi collects first-party data from across its network of publisher partners and also brings in third-party data to enrich that. “It helps us build the audience persona and segments targeting…our goal is to bring all this into a private data warehouse for a brand or agency so they can store all their mobile data.”

Marketers can also use this mobile data to inform their creative, she adds.