Based on consumer behavior on mobile devices, the next advertising playground will likely lie in custom mobile ads, says Stephanie Sarofian, Executive Director, Brand and Agency at mobile platform InMobi  in this interview with Erick Schonfeld, Co-Founder of TouchCast, at the recent Beet.TV executive retreat in Vieques, Puerto Rico. The former Digitas exec and founder of the New Fronts recently joined the mobile technology company in part because of the vast amounts of data mobile lets marketers tap into. That data can be used to inform creative.

“Consumers want something rewarding and relevant. Video for video’s sake will only work to a certain extent. Calls-to-action, click for reviews work better,” she says. “You will see more custom video, custom creative, personalized videos and sequencing of videos that carry through the brand messages.”

A digital ad veteran, Sarofian said was drawn to the mobile company because of the ways in which data can be leveraged as consumers spend more time with mobile devices. “We use the mobile phone at home, for retail, for transactions. There is a lot of data that can be derived from your location, from live feeds you are plugging into. The more data points allow for more creative and better experiences,” she says, adding that metrics around targeting and reach can also help marketers build better mobile campaigns.

InMobi’s latest research report revealed that the average mobile Web user consumes six hours of media per day, with about 2.2 hour per day devoted to mobile and tablets.