BARCELONA — WhatsApp’s mega acquisition by Facebook should be welcomed as another pointer that mobile messaging could be a money-spinner, according to one mobile ad exec.

(Mobile) will go either toward commerce or toward advertising,” InMobi north America MD Crid Yu tells Beet.TV. “It’s amazing to me that, after all these years, the most commonly seen form of mobile advertising is this ugly little tag-on banner in the bottom of your phone.

“Messaging is a more natural platform for commerce. Rakuten just bought a messaging service of their own. It’s a way for you to buy products. I have to believe that Amazon is looking at buying a messaging service as well.

“Facebook taking over WhatsApp is going to be good for the industry overall. Mobile is still begging for monetization mechanisms. Once these players start to make money, an entire industry will flourish.”

Yu was speaking with Beet.TV at the big Mobile World Congress mobile event.

Disclaimer:  InMobi is the sponsor of our Barcelona coverage.