BARCELONA — The so-called “native advertising” opportunity, which sees straight-up display ads replaced by sponsorships that look like content, may be young – but mobile ad network InMobi is moving aggressively in its direction.

“We’re going to break up the banners,” InMobi global strategic partnerships VP Pankaj Bengani tells Beet.TV.

“Instead of showing banners to users, we’re going to show native advertising. The ad becomes less disruptive. Native ads make more sense than banners in most cases.”

Bengani reckons advertisers deployed through native formats see higher click-through rates and increased conversion: “We’ve seen numbers in the order of 10x, in some cases 100x, what we see on banners.” InMobi’s native ad deployments include promo slots for apps.

Beet.TV interviewed Bengani at the big Mobile World Congress convention.