Welcome to this episode of the BeetCast podcast.

We are bringing you these voices from the Beet Retreat last month in Santa Monica.
Wonderful insights on what’s next for our industry.

In this podcast, we are sharing these chats between David Levy, CEO OpenAP with moderator Jon Watts,
and FreeWheel’s GM Dave Clark with moderator Denise Colella.

And finally, hear Omnicom’s Kelly Metz chatting with Zach Rodgers, another of the Retreat’s moderators.

Great content. Hope you find these conversations illuminating.

This is the last episode of the Beet Retreat for 2021.  And I’d like to thank our good friends at TransUnion for sponsoring the Q4 series.

We will be publishing our next series, beginning  on January 10 with our new sponsor Mediaocean.

Hope you have safe and joyous holiday season and an excellent 2022.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the episode.