For many people, the last couple of years has been a torrid time.

For the TV, video and advertising industry, it has been a period when new consumer behaviors were solidified.

Now that the darkness is easing, players are emerging into the light with a renewed impetus – if they want to capitalize on the new dynamics, changes must be made.

Mid-point of the revolution

That is a message likely to be heard at Beet.TV’s upcoming Beet Retreat, Beet.TV’s industry get-together arrives at Loews, Santa Monica Beach Hotel, on November 17.

And it’s one Dave Clark, general manager of Comcast-owned video ad-tech platform FreeWheel, will convey.

“It’s pretty clear at this point that we’re midway through a real resetting of the entire video advertising industry from end to end,” Clark says in this video interview with The Project X Institute executive director Jon Watts for Beet.TV.

Software is eating the world. Software is eating this world. We’ve seen it happen in industry after industry. What tends to happen when you go through these transitions is it feels like everything gets pulled apart, but then everything gets pulled back together again and often in a better way and often in new ways. And we’re in the middle of that now.”

Participating on problems

“That’s to me why this conference is so important because we have the people in the room who are working on these problems, who are knowledgeable about these problems,” Clark adds.

With Clark’s FreeWheel sponsoring Beet Retreat, the event will play out over three days in Santa Monica, including a series of discussions, dinners and musical entertainment.

The participant list is a who’s-who of the key companies and people working across advanced TV advertising.

Working together

“Nobody does it like Beet Retreat in pulling together the people that are actually making things happen in the industry,” Clark adds. “I’m really looking forward to it.

“We can share experiences, and we can try to come together as a platform for advertisers.

“It’s really exciting. It is going to require the players in this room working together. It is in everyone’s financial interest.

“Everybody’s interest to grow, to work across the industry. And that’s, I think unique and exciting. It’s going to require some new muscles, but that’s what Beet Retreat has always been about.”

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