As consumer adoption of free ad-supported television (FAST) channels rises at a meteoric pace, it is crucial for industry stakeholders to ensure a uniform quality advertising experience across the diverse array of platforms.

That’s the opinion of one executive whose software is helping TV networks move into the future.

In this video interview with research analyst Joanna O’Connell ahead of Cannes Lions for Beet.TV, Katy Loria, the Chief Revenue Officer at FreeWheel, emphasizes the importance of navigating the challenges of ad repetition, high frequency latency, and slate to protect the viewer experience.

Prioritizing the Viewer Experience

According to Loria, the industry must avoid a “lift and shift” approach from traditional cable advertising and focus on prioritizing the new viewer experience. She said: “We need to borrow from what works and shed what doesn’t, and just always have the prioritization of the viewer experience top of mind.”

What exactly is “viewer experience”?

In a programmatic video and TV world, many are concerned about faux pas like clashing ads from rival brands, duplicate ad play-out, excess ad delivery, buffering or even aspect ratio problems.

Loria says FreeWheel helps its publishing clients access diverse demand by integrating other Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) into the FreeWheel platform.

“This not only meets demand needs but also ensures the best viewing experience by guarding against latency and slate issues,” she said.

Optimal experience

Loria says capabilities like “frequency capping” are important, while embracing new forms of measurement, as buyers and sellers are transacting differently, is crucial to keeping up with the pace of change.

With consumer behavior changing rapidly, it is essential to deliver the best possible ad experience to viewers or risk losing them. Loria says.

“We have a responsibility to ensure we do not miss this opportunity to deliver an optimal experience,” she explains.

The ‘Triple Win’: FreeWheel’s Loria Sees Half Of OTT Growth From ‘Astronomical’ FAST TV

Comcast-owned FreeWheel provides advertising solutions to television networks, broadcasters and content providers.

The company’s solutions include ad management, video distribution, data management and programmatic advertising.

FreeWheel’s platform allows content providers to target audiences, measure their ad performance in real-time and manage their inventory more effectively.

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