PARIS — Dailymotion, the big global video sharing site, has been developing tools for content discovery including "hubs," areas of content around themes and personal interest.

Grandin Donovan, Product Manager, explain the development of tools around content discovery.  He describes the new hubs as sort of "Facebook pages."

For serving up related videos, Dailymotion is working with the London-based The Filter.

He also gives an update on the integration of HTML5 into its new player.  (Recently, Microsoft and Dailymotion announced the player's integration into the beta version of Internet Explorer 9.)

Donovan said that the new Dailymotion player is highly customizable, allowing content partners to project their branding.

Dailymotion says it is serving 1 billion video views monthly, with the most viewership in Europe.

Last month, Beet.TV visited the global headquarters of Dailymotion in Paris.  This is the second of two reports from Dailymotion.  Here is our first report with Luc Dumont speaking about global expansion.

Andy Plesser